2010 Flyinn Flightpath

The Flyinn Season is exciting, rewarding and full of variety. Guests for 2009/2010 have included families, returning guests, groups of friends, partners where both are pilots, and single pilots introduced through Flyinn to share the adventure. Pilot flying hours ranged from 200 to 5500. Guest occupations and interests cover a huge variety. Within our itineraries we strive to creat a Flyinn experience to suit you.

Some examples of this are:

Prior to Christmas we were inspired to become more active when a guest arrived with his bicycle. He and his wife had toured’ a good part of NZ by bike, and he ventured out from Geordie Hill often during his stay. We were able to help choose his routes and related distances. Another couple were Cardiologiests, and tutors at their local US Medical School. On the Dunedin visit day, we arranged for them to meet with the Assistant Medical Director of the Dunedin Medical School. This is NZ’s oldest Medical Schools and has a good reuptation. We also had non-pilot guests following special interests, and this year some were able to visit local gardens, wineries and the patchwork gallery, on their respective days off. Also, two pilots from different countries enjoyed meeting for their rour. They shared the Flyinn adventure and made a new aviation friend. Another couple had the framework for their time in New Zealand arranged, and asked us to help them fill in ‘the gaps’. The result had them doing a popular cycle trail in Central Otago, followed by a personalsed list of destinations for the remainder of their stay in NZ.
This is an added bonus to the fantastic flying and overwhelming scenic display guests get to experience every day.

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