Flyinn and WOW Airshow 2012

Easter, every second year the local Wanaka airport  hosts world renown, Warbirds Over Wanaka Airshow.  The show draws much interest and fits perfectly to end the Flyinn Season.  Easter Saturday dawned clear and still, and stayed that way all day.  Flyinn guests and pilots relaxed in their own space viewing the airshow from a private enclave.  

The programme provided a steady display of great variety. Some highlights included an impressive performance by a Hawker Hunter , flown by the same pilot who had only a short time before, given an equally impressive show in a Tiger Moth.  The RNZAF flew a range of aircraft including the new A109 Helicopter, and finished with a polished display by the popular Red Checker Aerobatic team. An American Airforce trainer, the  T.6C Texan, was flown to NZ especially in time for the Airshow.  And we all listened to Andy, present as a Flyinn Guest,  share his experience as a current US Air Force T -6 instructor.  Outstanding!  The day was complete when immediately past guests Chris and Nadege joined us and current guests at Geordie Hill for dinner.

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