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We love Flyinn

A recent past guest learned the virtues of wearing a Merino.  (It’s truly very good).  Brad thanked Matt for his t-shirt by sending this photo and caption!

"We love Flyinn!"

“We love Flyinn!”

Lynne’s a Flyinn Passenger

In addition to being a pilot, my husband is a photographer and a botanist.  I enjoy hiking, waking and reading.  Our Fly-Inn adventure gave us an opportunity to enjoy all of our favorite things.  If you’re thinking of taking a Fly-Inn vacation, I thought you might like to know WIIFM (what’s in it for me).  Late night talk show host David Letterman typically has ten reasons for doing things.  It’s obvious that for the pilot, there are a variety of reasons that Fly-Inn is the perfect vacation.


Flyinn Guest, Roz Weinstein, Deep River, Connecticut

Bob and I have not been to Oshkosh for quite sometime and decided the best way to go back was with Bonanzas to Oshkosh. That was definitely the right decision. Bob attended a formation flying clinic in Massachusetts, which is mandatory for safety. (more…)

RAF Tornado Pilot tackles Mountains In 172

A week after getting off the plane from London, New Zealand PPLs having arrived, I was flying three of my friends towards Queenstown in a Piper Cherokee.   Several timezones, a change in the weather but most notably, only a few flying hours separated me from my normal day job at the controls of a Tornado F3; the UK’s Air Defence Fighter.