Floats, boats and connections

Some days are more special than others ….

It was time for Warbirds over Wanaka Airshow.  One special feature was a display of aircraft on water,  which is not a common sight in NZ.   Ivan and Kylie Krippner,  both pilots and part-time Flyinn guides,  own and operate Southern Lakes Learn to Fly Wanaka, plus one of NZ’s few float plane businesses, Wings and Water based in TeAnau.    Their Cessna 206 DRH, was at Lake Wanaka to be a part of the display.

With most of their Flyinn itinerary complete, we asked our guests:  “Would they like to go boating on this beautiful day?  Plus would anyone be interested in flying a float plane?    Yes!  and  Yes!!


Tim Tams

Have you ever tried a Tim Tam?

Flyinn is an experience of all things New Zealand.  All things that is …. except Tim Tams. These are the invention of Arnott’s, an Australian Company – and history has it they were named after a horse in the 1958 Kentucky Derby.


You Can Fly!

October 2015 saw Laurel and Tom Lippert join us once again, for a Fly-Back-Inn tour of New Zealand.  We’d originally met in November 2004 when, as journalist and photographer respectively, Laurel and Tom experienced Flyinn, and wrote an article for Pilot Getaways Magazine.  Our common interests in all things Aviation, and propensity to maintain a humorous outlook on life when at all possible, meant we quickly became firm friends.


Flyinn-Girls Day Out

1. Girls Day OutHere’s a first for me (Jo)  – this week Lynne and I joined Sue, on a ‘Girls Day Out’ with a twist:  instead of hitting the shops, we went in style by inviting one more girl –  trusty TRS, a Cessna 172 – and then we headed out on a scenic circle flight, visiting back country Airstrips!


NZ AOPA Winter Fly-in

Just this past weekend AOPA members AOPA weekend Aircraftdescended upon Omarama, (just 20 nm from Flyinn’s base at Geordie Hill) for the Annual Winter Fly-in.   Despite our proximity, it was only the second time Matt and I had joined this weekend, and we were in for a treat.  As well as the chance to catch up on other kiwi aviators, we had two great days of flying to areas and strips we don’t generally visit.


Flyinn’s 15th Season

It’s been a fabulous ride and we find it hard to believe, but Flyinn is 15!

Thinking back to the time when Flyinn was but an idea, developing on pieces of paper and conversations around the kitchen table,  it is quite something to realize how it – and we – have matured.


Lynne’s a Flyinn Passenger

In addition to being a pilot, my husband is a photographer and a botanist.  I enjoy hiking, waking and reading.  Our Fly-Inn adventure gave us an opportunity to enjoy all of our favorite things.  If you’re thinking of taking a Fly-Inn vacation, I thought you might like to know WIIFM (what’s in it for me).  Late night talk show host David Letterman typically has ten reasons for doing things.  It’s obvious that for the pilot, there are a variety of reasons that Fly-Inn is the perfect vacation.


Sywell Success

Aero Expo Sywell Saturday Team

Aero Expo Sywell
Saturday Team

2014 Aero Expo UK was interesting, fun, busy, and a great success.

This Air Show is attracting an increasing number of exhibitors and aircraft displays, and coupled with great weather, it ensured an excellent day out for all.


High Country Life …

Guests and GHS staff woolshed morning tea

Guests and GHS staff woolshed morning tea

Living and working on a high country property in NZ is the life for us. 

It’s wholesome,  peaceful, spacious, challenging, rewarding, busy, requires team work, and a above all  is a true privilege.


Spring and the new season

The lamb.

Hello spring!

Spring brings new life – at Geordie Hill the grass starts to grow again as soil and air temperatures warm, days lengthen, and the cold of winter is forgotten.  It’s busy:  very soon sheep will be shorn, lambs and calves born, fields worked, irrigation begins, gardens are tended and cottages are freshened up in preparation for the arrival of Flyinn guests ….