June 2013: Airshows and Snow

It is mid winter.  There are no Guests, and little flying, but the Flyinn team does not rest for long.  Read about Air Show attendance,  and the excitement at Geordie Hill Station as the sheep strive to keep warm and fed…. Continue reading

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Visit to Aero Club Como

Aero Club Como

Logo Aero Club Como

Enroute to the UK we travelled with good friend, and aviation enthusiast,  Bill Charney, who introduced us to Aero Club Como, Italy.  Situated on Lago de Como,  in the city of Como, this vibrant Club is the owner of an impressive fleet of Amphibious Aircraft.

We were welcomed by Cesare Baj, aviation historian,Aero Club Como author and Chief Administrator of the Club.  Cesare explained some of the Club’s history as he showed us around the hangar and aircraft.

Spying some C-172’s on floats Matt and I inquired whether a flight was possible, and despite a busy schedule, Cesare organised for Francesco to be our instructor. Matt in Sywell Booth Matt was first, and flew us north past Bellagio and into the East arm of Lake Como where we landed, shut down and (carefully!) swapped places.  It was my turn and Francesco guided me through the return trip.

This experience was a fantastic history and aviation lesson in one.  We appreciated the depth of expertise and warm welcome, and thoroughly recommend a visit.  See www.aeroclubcomo.com for more details.

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Uber Maori-Land

Past guests Ian and Di Gordon wrote an article for German Magazine Aerokurier, about flying in New Zealand and their experience with Flyinn.   Published in Aerokurier in January 2013, the article can also be viewed here:   download the article   (written in German).

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Guests’ join in …

We love when guests make our home theirs, and participate in whatever is going on.  Over the years this has included rabbit shooting from a Robinson 22, walking a mustering beat on the hill,  and helping install a pivot irrigator.

This season guests helped feed the pet lamb, and watched the fun of raising 10 very cute farm pups.   Then one day in February we found ourselves involved in more excitement than usual …..

In the middle of a very dry spell, we had a grass fire.  Hardly over introductions, and part-way through coffee, we received the emergency call on the homestead RT.  Fire.  Our guests immediately offered help and soon found themselves amongst the smoke, helping with stratagies and shifting vehicles.    Next came a trip to Tarras village to prepare and dispatch the local fire brigade water tanker –  because there weren’t enough fire-fighters with an heavy traffic license!!  They were astonished, and decided we’d have all been arrested if it were the UK!    But, this is very rural Tarras.  (The fire smouldered and burned under a heavy thatch for two days,  until a miracle 1 ½ “ rain put it out.  And our guests were instantly on familiar terms with everyone at Geordie Hill – they were absolute stars).  Thank you Martin and Ruth.

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Raising Pups

February 5 was the birthday for 10 healthy huntaway pups. These grew quickly and became a constant source of interest for guests over the next two months. Even to the extent one guest placed a bet Jo she wouldn’t be able to find homes for them all within the year. And as of yesterday – 12 May – Jo won the bet!

These pups are bred to hunt sheep away (hence the name). They typically have a big bark, and work behind the sheep, and in the sheep yards. But not all from this litter will live on farms – they can also make good pets. Darren our plumber is the proud dad of one – a little guy they named Geordie. How cool is that?

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Homestead Makeover

After years of anticipation, the Flyinn and Geordie Hill homestead received a fresh look. Planned between Flyinn seasons, the builders turned up as our last guests departed, and we moved in three days before the new season guests arrived. Perfect.

The result is better than we imagined, and this season Flyinn guests enjoyed a whole new experience. Dining on the deck and joining in around the island bench while the last of dinner was prepared. Cosy warmth by the open lounge fire, and a whole new view of the valley.

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Flyinn and Earth-Rounder, CarolAnn Garratt

“I finally made it!” said a cheerful CarolAnn as she walked into the Geordie Hill kitchen.  With her Mooney safely tied down at nearby Wanaka Airport, she was about to switch to the high wing Cessna , and spend the next 8 days flying the Southern Alps and regions of New Zealand.  CarolAnn had invited her long time mechanic and engineering mentor, Arthur Miller from the USA to join her on this vacation and adventure. Continue reading

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Flyinn and WOW Airshow 2012

Easter, every second year the local Wanaka airport  hosts world renown, Warbirds Over Wanaka Airshow.  The show draws much interest and fits perfectly to end the Flyinn Season.  Easter Saturday dawned clear and still, and stayed that way all day.  Flyinn guests and pilots relaxed in their own space viewing the airshow from a private enclave.   Continue reading

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2010 Flyinn Flightpath

The Flyinn Season is exciting, rewarding and full of variety. Guests for 2009/2010 have included families, returning guests, groups of friends, partners where both are pilots, and single pilots introduced through Flyinn to share the adventure. Pilot flying hours ranged from 200 to 5500. Guest occupations and interests cover a huge variety. Within our itineraries we strive to creat a Flyinn experience to suit you.

Continue reading

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