Mountain Flying

As a pilot, you will love the thrill of New Zealand mountain flying. If you’ve never tried it before, this is the perfect place to start. We fly in and around the mountains, according to your experience and comfort level, giving you the opportunity to become familiar with this type of environment.

If you’re an old hand, this is an aviator’s playground. It really should be called valley flying as typically we follow valley systems to passes rather than climbing up and flying over the top of the terrain.

We cater for all pilot experience levels. Your guide pilot is proficient in New Zealand’s mountain environment, and is also your personal host each day. This ensures that you are able to enjoy your mountain flying without the stress of being on your own, in what can be a very challenging environment.

By following simple guidelines you will learn how to operate very safely, and enjoy some of the best mountain flying in the world. Most of our pilot guests comment that the flying they experience here is well beyond their expectations.

Backcountry Strips

There are many private airstrips on high country stations. Local flying in and out of these strips is invigorating for pilots of all skill levels and backgrounds. It often opens up a whole new exciting aspect of flying for our guests.

Geordie Hill is centrally located and there are many backcountry strips within about a half hours’ flight of the farm.

Backcountry airstrips are often short, narrow, relatively undeveloped areas of grass. The pattern flown around the strip is modified according to terrain and wind at the time. Learning to make a safe approach and landing to these areas is a fun part of flying here.

Remote west coast beaches can also serve as airstrips for bush camps. Landing on a beach is an experience not to be missed. (Obviously we will check the tide times carefully!)

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