The base for Flyinn™, Geordie Hill Station, is located in the South Island of New Zealand. Because we are centrally situated, our location is key to your enjoyment of some of the best scenic backcountry and mountain flying available anywhere in the world.

Our major destinations of Milford Sound, Fiordland, Aspiring and Mt Cook National Parks, and the West Coast Glaciers are all able to be reached within an hour of flying time or less.


Arriving guests generally fly into the international airports of Auckland or Christchurch. We suggest transferring directly onto a domestic flight to Queenstown (Approximately 1hr 40 min from Auckland, or 45 minutes from Christchurch).

It’s a good idea to stay one or two nights in Queenstown. This allows you to freshen up after your travel prior to your trip with Flyinn, and also means you can enjoy the lake and mountain resort. We are happy to recommend accommodation options in Queenstown. on request.

If you are spending a substantially longer time in New Zealand than just your Flyinn™ adventure, then we would suggest that you stay with Flyinn first and plan your further travel in New Zealand for later in your stay. This allows you to plan and adjust the remainder of your time in New Zealand based on what you see and learn while here with Flyinn.

Upon completion of your Flyinn™ Tour, guests usually depart from Flyinn via Queenstown. If you have any special requests or queries regarding your departure, please email and discuss these with us. In general, we suggest making use of our commercial, domestic flights to move about rather than trying to drive long distances, as New Zealand highways are not especially fast and can be small and windy in many regions.

As a service to our customers we are always happy to advise regarding any of your New Zealand travel plans or to assist you in making onward travel arrangements when you are here.

General Tips and Information

What to bring

Guests are encouraged to relax and enjoy their surroundings, so formal clothes are not required. Include sunscreen, sunglasses and bathing costumes in the summer and also warm clothing as some nights can still be a little chilly. We recommended that guests bring comfortable, practical clothing, and walking shoes for bush walks. Remember that it is a mountain climate, which means that temperatures can vary during the day, so be ready to pull on a jersey or jacket if a sou’wester blows up one afternoon in January!

Activity Level

Days are comfortably active and guests will find that a reasonable level of fitness will ensure they enjoy all activities to the fullest.


230/240 volts, 50 hertz. International adaptors are available.


New Zealand has many internet cafés, so email is always available. At the Flyinn™ base, Geordie Hill, guests have access to good wireless internet, and also fax and phone services are available. Generally in New Zealand there is reasonably good mobile phone coverage, however our base at Geordie Hill is situated out of coverage.


Spring (October, November) days are delightful, with temperatures 9-15°C (48-59°F) to accompany the late season skiing and flourish of new growth in alpine valleys.

Summer (December to February) is characterised by long, hot and dry days varying from 19-29°C (66-84°F), with warm lingering evenings that don’t fade until after 10pm. Ideal for outdoor dining and twilight boating. In the mountains there are some cooler temperatures at times.

Autumn (March to May) offers warm days of 15-25°C (59-77°F) and cooler nights as the hillsides turn deep golden with the changing of the trees’ foliage.

Time Difference

New Zealand is ahead of these locations by:

US west coast (20 hours),
US east coast (17 hours),
UK (12), Europe (11 hours),
South Africa (10 hours),
Australia east coast (2 hours),
Hong Kong (4 hours).

Note that during spring/summer months New Zealand observes daylight savings time putting us an extra hour ahead of countries in the Northern hemisphere.

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