Guest Comments

John and Bela

(UK, 2023)

"Outstanding flying and guiding …. a great combination between Nick and Matt with complimentary skills and knowledge—I felt safe at all times—my wife who is a apprehensive passenger echoed the same thoughts."

John and Kathleen

(USA, 2023, Return guests)

"We had a marvellous time! Your mastery of logistics is amazing. NZ has so much to offer: the stunningly beautiful scenery is a geologists paradise to see from the air. I appreciated Matt’s flexibility allowing me to circle volcanoes, beaches and mountains."

Tom and Denise

(USA, 2024)

“Epic! A trip of a lifetime!” These were our comments to each other ….. Thank you for providing us with such special memories!"

Ross and Ashleigh

(USA, 2024)

"Best Vacation Ever! … The people, scenery and flying adventures here in NZ are world class, and I can’t thank you enough for the trip you provided …. The instruction will really help me with our own future flying adventures in Alaska."

TJ & Lisa

(USA, 2024)

"Absolutely amazing trip! …. I have travelled extensively (65 countries with a dozen different tour operators), and I have never seen such attention to detail."

Arthur and Marleen

(USA, 2023)

"We had a wonderful time. Spring is the perfect time for flying in NZ …. Lovely snow capped mountains everywhere!"

Richard and Laura

(USA, 2022)

"After almost 20 years from my first trip with Flyinn, it was wonderful …. Nothing really compares … You'll challenge your flying skills and have a great adventure with Matt and other expert instructors by your side. You'll also enjoy incredible hospitality and friendship that will last far beyond your final landing in Wanaka. Highly recommended - the experience of a lifetime."

Charles and Jenny

(UK, 2022)

“The whole experience has been wonderful: fabulous flying, stunning scenery, excellent instruction…. It has all been a first rate experience. Thank you.”

Malinda and Gust

(USA, Guests 2004, who wrote again in April 2023)

“…we are now in our 80's and have been traveling consistently for the last 15 years and Flyinn still
relates as one of our top 5 travel experiences…. Thanks for some of our best memories!”

Guillermo and Veronica

(SA, 2023)

"Every day was amazing. My wife and I were very pleasantly surprised by the scenery and the attention to detail…. We loved it!"

Kate and Tom

(USA, 2023)

“We can’t say enough about how perfect our experience with everyaspect of our Flyinn tour has been. ……Nick was such a great guide ….. Matt and Jo were generous with time and local knowledge and taking us beyond being tourist to feeling almost like locals”


(USA, 2023)

“Perfect in all aspects…. Thanks a million”


(Switzerland, 2019)

Written mid-itinerary “…I still have lots of wonderful places to see, but I can already say this is the best holiday a private pilot can dream about!”

Bob and Lynne

(USA, 2019)

“This was a peak flying experience and wonderful way to see and experience New Zealand.

Our flying instructor was beyond compare in every way, and made the week relaxed as well as informative for both pilot and passenger”

Chris and Jenna

(UK, 2020)

“The whole experience was magical! Highly recommended.”

Ken and Lorraine

(USA, 2020)

“I cannot think of any improvements to our experience. It was above and beyond our expectations. I thought we’d get to fly around NZ, but never expected the warm hospitality of our hosts, the attention to detail and the effort expended to ensure our holiday was spectacular.”

John and Jayne

(USA, 2019)

We really had a tremendous time. Pete and Nick were really great guides, fantastic instructors, and wonderful travel mates.

The flying experience was unbelievable, and the scenery absolutely world class …. we’re already thinking about when we can come back!

Andy and Cindy

(USA, October 18)

Christine and I got a lot of flying experience that would be difficult to get in the States …. We loved the accommodations in Wanaka …

Bill and Linda

(USA, January 19)

It was a life-changing experience: the hospitality of everyone was great; loved the morning coffee spots; you include non-flyers very well.

Eric and Cathy

(USA, January 19)

I think the change to Wanaka / Apartment is a great idea…. We had a great time there and liked the flexibility. All meals in town were excellent.

Dublicate Nick! I can’t imagine the experience without him…… We loved Pete too!

Chris and Lesley

(UK, January 19)

Flyinn isn’t just a flying experience, it’s a real life experience.

The mountains we have in the UK are nothing in comparison to those of New Zealand and I’ve always gone around or well above them in Wales and Scotland. Having flown with Matt and Nick our instructor/ guides, I now have some insight to mountain flying, what to look out for and where the safe side of a valley is to fly and where not to.

Max and Sue

(USA, March 19)

The overall experience was brilliant! The thought and organization that has gone into showing off one of the most beautiful places in the world is deeply appreciated…… Highlights were abundant!

Harvey and Pat

(USA, April 19)

Anyone can visit a country and do tourist things …. But if you really want to know a country you have to experience something like Flyinn. The best part is I feel like my wife and I have made new friends.

Matt and Kris

(USA, December 18)

Thank you for a wonderful trip!  We thoroughly enjoyed all the flying and sights to see, our accommodations were very comfortable. Your hospitality was beyond measure, and Pete was fantastic to fly with! I sure hope we can come back someday!

Dan & Katie

(October 17)

This trip exceeded all of our expectations!

Les and Carol

(USA, November 17)

Incredible experience! Guides are invaluable professionals, notwithstanding Matt’s instruction. Jo’s hospitality and cuisine are outstanding. The overall trip has created lasting memories.

Jay and Sandy

(USA, November 17)

The travel between destinations was as amazing as the destinations.

Eric and Heidi

(USA, October 17)

If you are looking for a flying experience of a life time in Beautiful New Zealand that has the ultimate personal touch from all people involved – this is it!

Holly and Steve

(USA, November 17)

Absolutely superb! Spectacular! We cannot come up with enough superlatives. Thank You!!!

Terry and Jan

(UK, January 18)

It was far better than expected …. as the passenger I found the scenery all-absorbing, and have many photos to prove this. Talking to the locals on our various visits was very interesting, and they were very friendly.

Don and Ann

(USA, January 18)

It was an absolutely fabulous trip!! I can’t believe that we did as much as we did, and saw so many wonderful things! We expected a great trip from your description, but this far exceeded everything we imagined.

Spencer and Linnea

(USA, March 18)

While I had expected some great flying experiences, that and all other aspects of Flyinn have exceeded our expectations.

John and Kathleen

(USA, April 18)

We had a grand time …. NZ with Flyinn is indeed an educational and challenging flying environment with fantastic rewards!

Linda and Dave

(USA, November 2016)

This is a trip we'll never forget!

Stanley and Kathleen

(USA, January 2017)

Even experienced pilots can learn a lot about mountain flying from Matt and his fellow instructors, and passengers can sit back and enjoy a unique view of a spectacular country.

Craig and Betty

(USA, March 2017)

This has turned into one of the most amazing adventures I could have ever hoped for. Jo and Matt have exceeded what I expected. Highly recommend Flyinn!!

Bill and Pam

(USA, March 2016)

We have been to 7 continents and 60 countries. Flyinn was the best vacation so far. Also, Pam is not a fan of flying in small planes, and she had a blast. (Point any reluctant wives in her direction).

Andy and Margie

(South Africa, March 2016)​​​​​​​

It was a fantastic holiday – what we really enjoyed was the flexibility and the willingness to adapt to different opportunities eg: the fantastic idea of going out on the lake with Matt’s boat, barbecue on Ruby Island, and float plane flying!! What a bonus!!

Guy and Jackie

(UK, January 2016)

Our days have been packed with awesome sights and experiences, and then to return to Jo’s delicious home cooking finished the days perfectly. It has been so interesting to stay on a farm and experience working life – so many memories to take with us.

Robin and Helen

(UK, March 2016)

We’ve been on many flying holidays around the world and have to say that Matt and Jo have provided our best experience yet. The scenery is simply stunning and the flying a challenge – but you expected that. What you didn’t know is that you feel welcomed as part of the family, Jo is a truly fabulous cook, the itinerary is flexible and adapts to the weather of the moment, the guides are outstanding and feel like friends from day one. If you want to see NZ at it;s best – i.e. from the air – then contact Matt and Jo.

Tom and Brenda Haines

(USA, Editor in Chief, AOPA Pilot Magazine)

Time spent flying in New Zealand with Flyinn Tours leads to lifetime memories. Jo and Matt seem like longtime friends from Day One. The accommodations are beautiful. The food and wine incredible. The views-indescribable. I’d heard New Zealand was beautiful, but it is beyond that and the pilots at Flyinn allow you to see it all up close and personal. Mountain and fjord flying like you cannot experience anywhere else. This is a vacation like you will not experience again and is well worth the cost. You won’t regret it.

Justin and Sue

(UK, November 2015)

We’d love to come back and visit again, so once again a very big thank you to you, Matt, Ivan, Sue, Nick and everyone else who contributed and helped to make our trip such a great and memorable one; it really was everything that we hoped it would be and there are now two other countries in the world we’d like to live in!

Gordon and Patricia

(CA, USA 2015)

“What an amazing, delightful and thrilling experience! Jo, Matt and James New Zealand hospitalitiy and warmth were exceptional! The flying was as good as it gets, and our instructors/companions the same. We came away feeling less like ‘guests’ and more like friends.”

Rick and Laura

(UK 2014)

“A huge thank you for looking after us. You attended to our every need and whim. Nick and Sue were great and we much appreciated that you got them involved in the various activities. It exceeded our wildest expectations.”

Mike and Lisa

(USA 2014)

“I am rather skeptical about grand claims of wonderful offers. We are so happy that we decided to give this a try. Everything about our experience exceeded our expectations.”

Kevin and Carrol

(UK 2015)

“We have come home with so many wonderful memories. It truly was the holiday of a lifetime. So, thank you both for hosting us so well, thank you, Jo, for the lovely food, thanks to Sue and Nick for their help and patience and thanks to Matt for giving Carrol her first flying lesson. She was thrilled and it seems further flying lessons are likely in the future. Maybe that would be a good excuse for us to have a second visit.”

John and Nina

(UK 2015)

“I’ve had some wonderful holidays and some wonderful flying, but Geordie Hill and NZ gave me the best holiday and flying ever.”

Peter and Tina

(Germany 2015)

“An unforgettable holiday and a great experience. A terrific experience for everybody who loves flying and is able to do it.”

Kim and Mark

(USA 2014)

Our 11 day itinerary was the perfect combination of planned time vs open time; of scheduled flying vs land based sightseeing. The people we flew with were not only skilled pilots, but also knowledgeable and personable tour guides. Matt and Jo were impeccable hosts and we can’t recommend the experience highly enough.

Andrew, Yvonne and Andrew jnr.

(Scotland 2014)

Jo and Matt offer a very bespoke and unique flying experience which helped me gain confidence and added to my flying skills. From collection at the airport, Jo Matt Kylie and Nick have made our trip an experience of a lifetime. The time spent with our son by Matt and Jo made his holiday one which he will never forget.

Gilbert and Jane

(USA 2014)

After 44 years of flying this will go to the top of our list for best flying experiences. We flew over some of the worlds most beautiful landscapes while learning from professional instructors the proper way to fly mountainous terrain. I am a better pilot for revisiting the common sense, stick and rudder techniques used in this environment along with the lessons of good decision making in demanding terrain. My wife and I feel our lives have been enriched by getting to know our hosts and instructor/guides during our stay. Flyinn’s attention to the weather and scheduling the best days for the routes flown allowed us to thoroughly enjoy our time with them. Although my wife enjoyed the flying, she really enjoyed the fishing, the station experience, and other site seeing that rounded out our stay for a complete vacation get away. In the end we loved the serenity of our cottage and station life and will miss it.

Sue Thompson

(UK 2013)

Fun, challenging and exciting flying all thoughtfully and considerately planned, as were visits, times on the station and top class meals.

Joseph and Georgia

(USA 2014)

Top rate mountain flight instruction via pilots Nick and Sue. This is the only way you can see the much of New Zealand in such a short amount of time. Beautiful! (Joe) Hospitality of Jo and Matt outstanding. Fresh flowers every day at the delightful cottage. Surprise homemade treats waiting for us on the kitchen table upon returning from a day of exploration – perfect! (Georgia)

Charlie and Deb

(USA 2013)

Much more fun than I could have imagined. Guides are wonderful. So much to be learned from them.

Dave and Lucy

(UK 2013)

We both had a wonderful time. It truly was a holiday of a lifetime. An extra thank you for arranging the horse riding.

Rick and Risa

(USA 2012)

A travel experience of a life time – nothing less. The best way to see New Zealand. Excellent guides / instructors / crew members. Matt has an unequalled knack for teaching, showing, and ensuring the flying experiences are fun and educational.

Ruth and Martin

(UK 2012)

It was one of the most exciting and enjoyable weeks of my life, and I am not a pilot, or even a particularly enthusiastic passenger! There can be no better way of seeing the area. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Don and Karen

(USA 2012)

It couldn’t have been better, and exceeded our every expectation. The people and places were fabulous. And … Jo – you ought to feature your cooking more on the website. Some people would come just for that!

Suzi and Bobby

(USA 2011)

As ‘non-pilots’ Bobby and I were thrilled to have the opportunity to join our pilot friend on this amazing adventure. The scenery from the air was remarkable. Jo and Matt embraced us as they would family. The food was 5 star. This was a trip of a lifetime.

Bob and Mary Lou

(CA 2011)

This experience not only met our expectations, but completely exceeded. We will not hesitate to recommend your programme. Dollar for dollar the best vacation experience we have ever had! Thank you for this vacation of a lifetime.

Douglas and Evelyn

(Scotland, 2011)

A wonderful all round holiday for both of us due to the variety of amazing flying experiences and fun activities along with the fantastic hospitality. We loved staying on the farm and learning something about Merino wool production.

Gretchan and Karl

(USA 2011)

Flying in light planes provides a unique window onto our planet, and we’ve seen most of America’s ‘lower 48’ this way over the last 30 plus years, along with parts of Alaska, Mexico and Central America. We count ourselves very privileged, and seeing the South Island with Flyinn now ranks with the best of those journeys….. there can be few places in the world that are more spectacular.

Ed & Sue

(USA, 2010)

“Surpassed all of our expectations. Both Matt and Jo and all of the New Zealanders we met went out of their way to be welcoming and helpful. Wish we could come again next year!!”

Mark & Rachel

(UK, 2010)

“The experience and local knowledge of the guides really made this and exceptional holiday with some amazing flying. We were really made to feel at home at Geordie Hill; Jo is the perfect host.”

Keith & Mary

(UK, 2010)

“This trip could accurately be classed as a ‘Trip of a Lifetime’, and for pilots the chance to experience a new way of flying. It is a credit to the organisation of the Flyinn team that it was flexible and adapted easily to changing circumstances and weather.”


(UK, 2009)

“…In closing, I would simply say that as a travel agent I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Flyinn as being one of the ‘Must Do’ tours of a lifetime.”

Malcolm & Stella

(UK, 2009)

“We were really impressed with the care and quiet efficiency with which you looked after us so well.”

Malcolm & Stella

(UK, 2009)

“We were really impressed with the care and quiet efficiency with which you looked after us so well.”

Francis and Kristina

(UK, 2008)

“Absolutely FA-BU-LOUS! We are not quite sure how future trips can possibly live up to our expectations now that Jo, Matt and the rest of the Flyinn crew have spoiled us for good. We loved the accommodation at Geordie Hill and Jo’s cooking is to die for. You guys got it so, so right!”

Ron and Margaret

(USA, 2008)

“Wonderful, wonderful experience. You welcomed us into your home, your family and your country more than we ever could have imagined.”

Otfrid and Angela

(Austria, 2008)

“We are Austrians, and have good experience with Mountain Flying, but mountain flying on NZ South Island is absolutely top!”

George and Sanjay

(USA, 2008)

“One of the best vacations I’ve ever experienced …. Just the right amount of everything ….. Really a unique way to discover New Zealand and Kiwis! Great training in mountain and valley flying with a little ‘local knowledge’.

John and Barbara

(USA, 2008)

“This was a magical experience. For two people who had never been to NZ, not only to experience the breathtaking scenery (both benign and attention-getting), but also to live a for a week on a working station with real people, was just exactly what we were hoping for …. plus some.”

Tony, Lisa and Elizabeth

(USA. 2007)

“There was only one problem with our stay at Geordie Hill. It is that our time ran out before we were ready to go home. I want to come back every year!”

Daryl (experienced Airline Pilot) and Karen

(USA 2007)

It is a huge plus having an instructor along, because they’re fun people, they have excellent mountain flying tips and are willing to do the radio work!”

Martin and Vicki


“If you are a pilot who wants a challenge and a partner who is interested; and you both want to see some of the most stunning scenery on earth …… 3 words ….. JUST DO IT!!”

David and Bev

(USA, 2006)

“FLYINN is a fabulous adventure. There is simply no comparison. From the peace of the station to the spell-binding thrills of mountain flying, excitement abounds. The nearness of mountains and ocean offers a unique expeience in mere minutes”.

Geoff & Margaret

(UK, 2006)

“The FLYINN formula of some great flying combined with superb scenery, interesting itineries and excellent accommodation will appeal not only to the aviator but to his less – committed partner as well – Don’t miss the opportunity.

Ed and Bonnie

(USA, 2006)

“When we decided to book a tour, we were unsure about the guide, but we wouldn’t have you do it any other way. Trying to ‘self navigate’ in parts of your country would have been very stressful. As it was we did the fun stuff and got to enjoy the scenery. Of course we had the option to do our own radio work and / or navigation but we would have missed the view!!”

Ardy and Larry

(USA, 2006)

“We have traveled many places and in many ways, but our FLYINN experience ranks as the most outstanding! It’s the one trip we would consider repeating!”



This experience was great! Each day was an adventure in itself. Spectacular service, breathtaking scenery and genuine attention to every desire. Thank you.”


(British Airways Captain Ret.)

For pilots wishing to increase their skills or acquire new ones, – This is the place to do it!


(Scotland, 2005)

It’s difficult to believe all you say on the website is true; until you’ve been!


(MN, USA, 2005)

The entire trip was a most memorable experience. The flying was fantastic and the scenery was breathtaking. This trip gave me a whole new perspective on mountain flying.

David and Linda

(MN, USA. 2005)

The trip far exceeded expectations. We enjoyed every minute spent with anyone associated with Flyinn – from the pilots to Capt. John and everyone in between. Matt and Jo are wonderful hosts and they have created a network of others who made us feel special no matter where we were or who we were with. Having a common interest in aviation with everyone involved, made the whole experience even more unique.

Jon and Laurie

(OR, USA, 2005)

It felt like an honor to see parts of NZ that the regular tourist doesn’t get to see.

Anthony & Marieke

(UK, 2004, 2005)

“Confidence building and above all so much fun. Warm hospitality and suberb dinners.”

David & Corrinne

(IH, USA, 2004)

“The opportunity to enhance skills as a pilot doing mountain flying and actual soft field, short field, and grass field operations with the accompaniment of a skilled pilot was an unexpected plus. The home base at the farm at Geordie Hill was so beautiful and tranquil that I will now add farming to flying as mans most noble pursuits.”

Barbara & Key

(CA, USA, 2004)

“It was a wonderful combination of fun flying, beautiful scenery, fantastic meals and great conversation. The hosts and the guides were superb and we really enjoyed our time with them”

Amena & Chad

(USA, 2004)

“I also liked that the trip was about seeing NZ, rather than all about flying.”

David, Amy, Bill and Kim

(TN, USA, 2004)

“Absolute magic! The best way to experience New Zealand, with incredible hosts and accommodation. Also the sheep station experience with all the animals including the Rent-a-pets.”

Pete and Ruth

(CN, USA, 2004)

“As a non pilot, my wife and I had an amazing experience seeing New Zealand as it should be seen. We traveled with our pilot friends and guide. Matt and Jo were extremely accommodating. The timing and itinerary were perfectly executed”


(TN, USA, 2003)

“I learned the true meaning of mountain flying. This trip was an education in flying in mountain weather and terrain conditions. Short station and grass strips and valley flying became a daily routine. In every condition the guides gave me the feeling of confidence and thorough knowledge of the situation, and we flew in a very relaxed atmosphere”

Paul and Gill

(Vancouver Island, CA, 2003)

We both agree this was one of our best holidays. The flying was absolutely spectacular and Matt was a wonderful guide. Each trip was extremely well organized so that we could enjoy the flying rather than being concerned with daily details. Matt’s wife Joanne provided us with gourmet meals and was a most gracious hostess. It was indeed a perfect holiday”


(OH, USA, 2003)

“I had a wonderful time. Matt and Joanne did a super job of making me feel at home and part of their lovely family. The trip is better than anyone could imagine”

Lance and Victoria

(NO, USA, 2002)

“This is a great way to experience New Zealand”


(AK, USA, 2000)

We can’t say enough good things about Flyinn and Geordie Hills. We are giving a lecture on our experiences to my women’s flying club, a local chapter of the International 99’s.
I rank this trip as one of our best traveling experiences together. Matt and Jo made us feel so welcome and our stay at Geordie Hills was truly a highlight of a month long stay in New Zealand. I learned a great deal about mountain flying in conditions that are different from Alaska.

Though my husband was the licensed New Zealand pilot for this trip, I improved my flying skills too. Matt is very knowledgeable and the plane was safe and well maintained.

I have fond memmories of mustering sheep and watching the sheep shearing. Believe me I am becoming an expert on the different qualities of Merino wool. Also, as you are aware, you will get to see a lot more of NZ traveling with Flyinn than by car. The roads are like Alaska, 2 lane. Lots of curves and the Kiwis drive like maniacs. Matt is an excellent pilot and guide.

Elton and Donna

(TX, USA, 2000)

“Best Vacation of our Lives”

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