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How does Flyinn™ work?

Flyinn™ provides guided, self-fly holidays for pilots and their partners in New Zealand.  We  specialise in mountain and back-country flying,  and provide an experienced guide pilot who is also guests personal host each day.  Flyinn offers a real New Zealand experience from a wide variety of destinations, excursions, fine cuisine with NZ wines, and the time spent with the Flyinn Team providing insight into Kiwi life.  Flyinn's owners Matt and Jo, live on a working High-Country Sheep Station named Geordie Hill, where you will have the opportunity to learn about High-Country life.  Flyinn's base is nearby Wanaka.  From here you do mainly day trips to a series of interesting destinations, flying around magnificently scenic countryside.   There are also some nights away as per each itinerary.

Where do we stay?

At Wanaka, a small town on a gorgeous lake in the central south island of New Zealand.   Your accommodation is a very comfortable, fully serviced apartment.  This is situated in a residential area, a short walk from the township and many excellent restaurants.  This will become your ‘home-away-from-home’ for the duration of your itinerary.  A vehicle is provided for your transport to the Airfield.

What time of year do you operate?

From October to April each year.

How many aircraft do you operate, and what type of aircraft?

Flyinn™ operates two Cessna 172’s with a 180 hp engine. See Flyinn Fleet

Do I get to fly?

Yes.  You will do all the flying.

Does the guide go in the first aircraft?

No.  There is one Flyinn™ guide for each Aircraft.  The guide will be right hand seat, Pilot guest left hand seat and Non-pilot guest has all of the rear seat for viewing out each window.  

Is the Flyinn™ guide flying with us all the time?

Yes.  Your guide is an experienced mountain pilot and instructor.  You will fly in the left hand seat, and your guide is in the right.  As well as being available for local aviation knowledge, your guide is also your personal host each day.  This means non-pilot guest comfort and interests, plus all logistics are taken care of at each destination.  Having your guide alongside makes your Flyinn™ Adventure also a vacation.

What is the best time of year to come?

This question is usually referring to weather.  New Zealand has a changeable maritime-type climate, which means it not possible to predict a ‘best time’.  However it is possible to choose a season:  October - early December is spring.  December – February is summer.  March – April is autumn.  

What if we can’t fly because of bad weather?

Each itinerary includes at least one day off flying.  Also, Flyinn™ has the ability to swap itinerary days around to suit the current weather at the time, ensuring we complete our itineraries.

With three people in a C-172, is there a luggage restriction?

The upgraded 180hp engine allows for a 250lb increase in useful load.  We can usually manage one – piece of luggage up to airline restriction weight of 23kg (50lb) , plus an airline carry-on bag,  per guest.  You will be able to unpack at Geordie Hill – Flyinn Base,  and only take what you need in the aircraft each day.  It is most useful to use soft-sided bags for your luggage.  

Where is Geordie Hill, Flyinn’s Base?

Latitude: 44:41.20S

Longitude: 169;31.50E

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