Flyinn Team

We can’t wait for you to meet our highly experienced team who run Flyinn™ as well as our farming operation at Geordie Hill.

During your New Zealand adventure with us, you will have the full attention of our team and their impressive local knowledge and skill set will be at your disposal. They will work hard to give you the very best vacation and best use of your time with us in NZ.

Matt and Jo

Co-founders of Flyinn™, they have been farming Merino sheep at Geordie Hill since the early 80’s. Matt has been flying in the area since 1979 and guiding our guests since 2000. This means he knows what gives our guests the best flying enjoyment, which is reflected in our three itineraries.

We have an extensive knowledge of aviation, and of New Zealand in general. This combined with our experience running Flyinn has enabled us to design the best experiences for you, taking the care to make them equally interesting for non-pilots as well.

Jo has set a high bar for hosting, and has passed on a great deal of her wine and cuisine expertise. She takes great pride in the wonderful dinners our hosts create for guests using the best fresh local produce. Their children Heather and James are sometimes around to help out when they are home.

Jo and Matt in Milford

Jo and Matt in Milford


Quiet and cheerful, Nick brings confidence into the cockpit by osmosis. He has 3000+ hours with experience in flight instruction, mountain flying, and air ambulance operation. Nick is also a ‘B Cat’ instructor, which means he not only enjoys flying as your daily host and guide, but also ensures guest licence validations are done skilfully and enjoyably.

His hobbies include walking and climbing. Previous endeavours on foot mean he has a healthy appreciation and respect of the mountainous terrain we fly over. He particularly enjoys flying with guests, saying that, “Flyinn™ combines many of the best aspects of flying:  pure flying, close terrain flying, meeting like-minded pilots and learning from their experiences, having minimal schedule pressures, and spending time with some of the nicest people you could meet”.

Nick lives in a rural area on the outskirts of Alexandra, where there are many historic stone buildings.  Out of season, he can be found working towards the full restoration of his collection of stone farm ruins.

Nick with guests at Big Bay

Nick with guests at Big Bay


Sue has been flying Fiordland and Southern Lakes commercially for many years. She is a capable pilot with significant mountain flying experience. She has instructing, turbine and multi-instrument experience.

Sue has worked in the travel and tourism industry most of her working life and knows how to take care of as well as entertain guests. She is also very good at passing on her vast mountain flying knowledge.

Sue and her husband also operate a hunting and fishing business based in Wanaka, so you can ask her for a few fly fishing tips as well.

Sue and TRS 10C preflight

Sue and TRS 10C preflight


Lynne is our Geordie Hill base superwoman. She can do almost anything and her tasks range from servicing guest cottages, tending the vegetable garden, and maintaining the grounds to operating heavy machinery for garden landscaping. She ensures all the details of our base operation run smoothly.  Also, on occasion guests have benefitted from Lynne’s knowledge of the area when she has been host for a local history and wine tour day in the Cromwell area.

Lynne is also a capable rodeo rider, holding titles in New Zealand’s first all-girl team-roping team.  She now competes in Barrel-Racing, and shares her expertise by running very popular training and jackpot days for up-and-coming rodeo riders.

Lynne and Nugget

Lynne and Nugget


We welcomed Matt to our team as Geordie Hill stock manager in 2015.  Along with his trusty team of dogs, he tends to the merino sheep and beef cattle, often moving mobs of 2000 sheep at a time.  As well as this he can turn his hand to all the various jobs involved with running a high country station, from tractor work to fixing a fence – nothing’s ever an issue. 

Hailing from the north island and a temperate coastal climate, Matt is now living nearly the furthest inland possible in NZ in one of the more extreme farming climates. 

Definitely an outdoors man, when he’s not farming Matt and his partner Tessa, love to go hunting in the back-country, or fishing and spending time by the sea.   

Matt with his trusty team of dogs

Matt with his trusty team of dogs

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