Farming and flying

Flyinn™ is family owned and operated by founders Matt and Jo McCaughan. It is based at Geordie Hill, a fully functioning 5,500 acre sheep and cattle station. This has been in the family for four generations, since 1911.

Centrally located in New Zealand’s South Island high country, Geordie Hill runs over 7500 sheep and 200 beef cattle. Livestock are kept outside on hill pastures all year and traditional teams of sheep dogs are used when mustering (rounding them up).

Our merino sheep produce the world’s most exclusive, amazing soft, superfine wool. Their meat is a really special type of lamb; sweet, fine grained and low fat. This is now marketed under the brand Silere.

The station is just a short 20 minute flight from Queenstown Airport, and the private grass strip of 900m ensues the utmost convenience for our guests. Guests enjoy taking part in this station experience and the station tour. Seeing flocks of 1000 or more sheep being worked with dogs is a highlight.

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