Category: Matt and Jo Flycation

Flycation - Gone West

West Coast mountain ridges dramatic drop to sealevel.

Relaxed now, I marveled at how rapidly the scenery changed. Snow cloaked mountains and ridges, rapidly disappeared behind with every northbound mile. The bush-clad west coast turned our vista green.

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Flycation- Mountains and snow.

Mt Cook and northeast ridgelines

There I was, above familiar territory and enjoying the view. My Flyinn guide had relaxed now we were on our way.

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Flycation - We're Off!

Lined up on the airstrip, I worked through the check list one more time. Certainty settled in me.

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Matt & Jo, take a Flyinn vacation!

"What shall we do for a holiday this year?" Matt asked. "Fly somewhere?" I thought out loud.

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