Matt and Jo on Flyinn vacation - We're Off!

Lined up on the airstrip, I worked through the check list one more time.  Certainty settled in me.  I'd checked every item thoroughly, so as our dear friend and aviator Mr Terry used to say  "I had run out of reasons not to go!" 

"Ready?"  I smiled at Matt, who was ready.  And waiting.  "Yeah-es" he nodded slowly  "Let's get out of here, we're on winter hours - remember?"   

'Do our guests get this type of hurry-along?' I wondered fleetingly, before refocusing on the job at hand.  Check windsock. Full power.  We were off!

Having trained for my PPL from our home airstrip at Geordie Hill, I felt comfortable, and current.  Just that morning I'd completed my BFR with Nick Taylor, our Flyinn guide.  I'd done ok, and had totally nailed the forced landing.  Nick complemented me, so I was feeling just that bit more confident this afternoon. 

There was no weather to speak of, anywhere in the country, today or tomorrow.  A huge high was stationary right over NZ.  We planned to make the most of it by flying as far north as we could.  Today's destination was Motueka on the northern tip of the south island, 2.5 hours away.  Tomorrow's would hopefully be Kerikeri, near the top of the north island and a further 3 - 4  hours from Motueka. 

With a final glance and wave to our valley, I leveled the wings and continued the climb, north to the blue yonder paved in white.  

What could be more perfect! 


Nick completing Jos BFR2 

Nick Taylor, Flyinn guide.  Happily signing off my BFR! 


Clear blue yonder paved in white2.


North to the blue yonder, paved in white.....


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