Covid 19! 20.21 Flyinn. Holding Pattern.

This headline says it all.   We were sad not to welcome our 2019.2020 Flyinn guests.  Recently we heard from an immediately pre-covid Flyinn Guest.   He wrote:  

"We are grateful that you established Flyinn and hope that the virus will be beaten back so that you will be able to reopen it next season. We hope that some day we will be able to return and do some tramping as well as driving and more flying around your beautiful country!

We got out of town just before Mr Covid got there at the end of January. (2020) There were already people wearing masks at the Auckland and Los Angeles airports. 

Lynnette and I look longingly at these photos from our adventure with Flyinn last year and talk about it often. Now that many of us are fully vaccinated the four of us will be giving a talk about our adventure to an aviation group next week. We do hope to be repeat customers at some point.

I noticed that there are very few pics from 2020 on the Flyinn website and wish to send you some of mine". (Please see below) 

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