Matt & Jo, take a Flyinn vacation!

"What shall we do for a holiday this year?" Matt asked.  "Fly somewhere?"  I thought out loud.  But where to?  It was then it dawned on me, that in twenty years we two had never actually taken a 'Flyinn Vacation'.  "Why don't we take our own Flyinn vacation?!"  I was already excited!  


Plans and dreams ...

Sure we'd flown many places in NZ before, though often with passengers and always 'on a mission'.  This would be different.  It was winter and the usual Flyinn pilgrimage to Oshkosh and UK wasn't possible.  

New Zealand's response to the pandemic meant that in relatively short time, Kiwis were able to continue with their everyday lives and travel throughout the country.  To be fair, this would be bit of a 'cooks tour' for Matt, who'd been Flyinn guide pilot for the past 20 years.  But for me - the home body of our operation - this plan was pure delight.  We mentally 'wrote' our dream wish list, deciding to fly where the weather allowed. 

ZK-WAX - our trusty 172 - was tired of only seeing sheep.  We pulled her from the sheep yards, into the sunshine.  We were off!

WAX nestled among the sheep work


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