Matt and Jo on Flyinn vacation ; North bound

Peacful Blue

Still buzzing from D'Urville airstrip, I smile wide enough to catch Matt's attention, "You liked that?" "I loved it" I replied.

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Matt & Jo on Flyinn vacation - D'Urville Island

French Pass

A clear morning and light frost greeted us as we untied WAX. Apart from some scattered cloud over central north island, the coast was clear with nil weather forcast for...

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Matt and Jo on Flyinn vacation - Gone West

West Coast mountain ridges dramatic drop to sealevel.

Relaxed now, I marveled at how rapidly the scenery changed. Snow cloaked mountains and ridges, rapidly disappeared behind with every northbound mile. The bush-clad west coast turned our vista green.

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Matt and Jo on Flyinn vacation - Mountains and snow.

Mt Cook and northeast ridgelines

There I was, above familiar territory and enjoying the view. My Flyinn guide had relaxed now we were on our way.

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Matt and Jo on Flyinn vacation - We're Off!

Lined up on the airstrip, I worked through the check list one more time. Certainty settled in me.

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Matt & Jo, take a Flyinn vacation!

"What shall we do for a holiday this year?" Matt asked. "Fly somewhere?" I thought out loud.

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Covid 19! 20.21 Flyinn. Holding Pattern.

This headline says it all. We were sad not to welcome our 2019.2020 Flyinn guests. Recently we heard from an immediately pre-covid Flyinn Guest. He wrote:

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The Pilot Guide Coincidence

Dismukes and Stu

It’s always a special trip when family connections are involved.

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All the Experience in the World!

James Ash on GHS

Flyinn Guests range from very low hour pilots, to lifetime airline pilots.

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Geordie Hill Cottage

Getting Engaged with Flyinn!

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19 day single pilot

Maries Flyinn Adventure

19 days is the ultimate Kiwi Flyinn experience.

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ZK-WAX The Farm Hack !

WAX the farm hack

Strip Flying is a highlight for every tour.

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18.19. The Wrap.

What a Big Bay Day2

"Flyinn isn't just a flying experience - it's a life experience"

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One Family's 20 Year Dream

Meranda Flyinn Family

“Excuse me! Did I hear you say twenty years?” I asked our newly arrived guests in amazement. “Yes!” all four replied in unison.

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Flyinn Guests in Wanaka

Wanaka Town and Lake

It's a great pleasure to report how much Flyinn guests enjoyed their time in Wanaka.

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Fun with Friends

Was there something in the water?

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Flyinn Girls Team - Boys Team

We're not competative, nor sexist - as the title might suggest - only this year Flyinn had a definate girls team and boys team working together for our guests.

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Returning Guests enjoy ultimate jet boat excursion

Returning guests enjoy a customized itinerary exploring new and exciting areas of New Zealand.

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FLYING magazine. Flying in New Zealand Challenges an Airline PIlot. By Les Abend.

Flyinn guest Les Abend writes about his experiences.

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Guest Experience Video

Screen Shot 2017 05 31 at 9.38.51 AM

Pre-flight's all done, weather is favourable, grab the controls and enjoy your flight aboard ZK-TRS.

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T'was the Summer of 16 / 17

Hunter Valley

This summer season Flyinn Guests enjoyed all the benefits of an experienced Flyinn team, as well as the energy created from new ideas, a refreshed look, contributing to an ever evolving story.

Take a look at some of our Guest experiences ....

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Making Magic

jo oshkosh. farm shearing 027

Each year the Flyinn team run a booth at Air Venture, Oshkosh.  And each year a 'Muster' (Kiwi farm speak for 'gathering') of Flyinn Past Guests make their way to the Seaplane Base, to share stories over cold beers, NZ wines and Wisconsin Cheese.  

This year we were joined by two Imagicians - who have been alongside Flyinn from the start.  They look like two ordinary blokes  -  unless you know you won't spot them in the picture - but read on and find how Magic happens ....

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Floats, boats and connections

DRH Lake Wanaka 2

Some days are more special than others ….

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Tim Tams

jo iphone pic May 2016 130

Have you ever tried a Tim Tam?

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You Can Fly!

October 2015 saw Laurel and Tom Lippert join us once again, for a Fly-Back-Inn tour of New Zealand.

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Flyinn-Girls Day Out

2. Girls Day Out

Here’s a first for me (Jo) – this week Lynne and I joined Sue, on a ‘Girls Day Out’ with a twist: instead of hitting the shops, we went in...

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NZ AOPA Winter Fly-in

Just this past weekend AOPA members descended upon Omarama, (just 20 nm from Flyinn’s base at Geordie Hill) for the Annual Winter Fly-in.

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Lynne’s a Flyinn Passenger

In addition to being a pilot, my husband is a photographer and a botanist. I enjoy hiking, waking and reading.

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We love Flyinn

Brad Leeman

A recent past guest learned the virtues of wearing a Merino. (It’s truly very good). Brad thanked Matt for his t-shirt by sending this photo and caption!

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Flyinn’s 15th Season

It’s been a fabulous ride and we find it hard to believe, but Flyinn is 15!

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June 2013: Airshows and Snow

It is mid winter. There are no Guests, and little flying, but the Flyinn team does not rest for long.

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Majestic New Zealand

Screen Shot 2016 10 06 at 2.35.36 PM

Mike Cronk from UK ‘Pilot’ magazine

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