Flyinn’s 15th Season

It’s been a fabulous ride and we find it hard to believe, but Flyinn is 15!

Thinking back to the time when Flyinn was but an idea, developing on pieces of paper and conversations around the kitchen table,  it is quite something to realize how it – and we – have matured.

We have learned that when guests leave Geordie Hill, it is not goodbye.  Each year past guests visit at Airshows,  email us news, and book return holidays.  The season just past saw us customize four “Fly-Back-Inn” itineraries for past guests.   (This is more like ‘fun with friends’).   Then add past and current Pilots, ground staff at Geordie Hill and support families at Airshows, all of whom guests get to know,  and suddenly it feels like Flyinn has evolved into a real community.  Wow, what a privilege.

As this community was developing, so was Flyinn.  We’ve learned that New Zealand really is beautiful, and there’s no-where that’s very far away.   That guests truly love their ‘stay’ at Geordie Hill and are often intrigued when learning a little about farming.  That non-flying passengers also love this vacation, and that many did not expect to.  We’ve learned so much from evenings spent with guests at the kitchen table, and much of it has little to do with aviation.   We’ve learned that while aviation brings us together, it’s people that keep us together.

It’s a privilege to be able to share our part of the world through Flyinn. Yes, it’s work –  and it often seems there are not enough hours in a day – but it is so much more than that.  We welcome you to join our community, any time you can.


Your Pilot team

With best wishes

Jo, Matt, and the Flyinn Team.


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