Making Magic

Flyinn is based on a working High Country Sheep Station, farming merino sheep.   In the late 1980's a group of farmers were part of a movement to differentiate 'Merino' from other sheep, and promote its quality fibre.   It was an exciting era of new ideas, and possibilities which gained real momentum.  Merino New Zealand Ltd formed along with a new way to bring merino wool to the market.   High Country farmers from far and wide were invited to learn of the events and a Brand launch.  These were exciting times with great energy and anticipation.  Farmers had never seen anything like it, the graphics for the Brand launch were revolutionary 

Imagic Graphics 

Fast forward 10 years, when Flyinn was an idea with energy and possibilities, needing direction with Branding and marketing.  Having been involved in the Merino New Zealand story - the decision was obvious -

Find those Imagicians!  

Since then Imagic Graphics of Christchurch, have been a solid partners behind the Flyinn brand.  Their family ethos, kiwi can-do attitude, and ability to deliver aline well with Flyinn and lasting friendships have evolved over the 17 years.

- Paul and Marc - join the Muster

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